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Dangers of Self-Inquiry
About Mark Dillof,

Introducing a uniquely Western route to Eastern wisdom...

The path to Eastern wisdom is not that of psychotherapy. After all, the goal of therapy is to "get it together." Each school of therapy differs on how this is to be achieved. Some, for example, claim we need to be less repressed. Others claim we need to be more responsible.

But what if the very criteria of selfhood are self-contradictory?! What if each person's life is a puzzle without a solution? The Buddha realized, long ago, that life is a "mission impossible," but it didn't lead him to existential despair. On the contrary, it caused Buddha to awaken from the painful effort to be. The result was freedom and joy.

How, then, to awaken? The Philosophy Clinic offers a Western route to Eastern wisdom. We get there, not by meditation, but by powerful insight into our everyday desires, conflicts and anxieties.

We are not, therefore, the usual sort of philosophical counselors. We won't help you forge a workable philosophy of life, or find viable solutions to life's perplexing moral dilemmas

Simply stated, we won't help you to answer your questions. On the contrary, we'll question your answer! You may claim that you don't have an answer, but we'll bet you do have one, even if it hasn't succeeded in making you happy. Awakening to your hidden answer leads you back to the unknown question, and from there to Self-realization.

The Philosophy Clinic offers Counseling, Workshops & Books, designed to help you awaken.
For over 14 years, we've helped people suffering from anxiety, relationship problems, depression, meaninglessness, midlife crises,  career difficulties, lack of direction & perplexity about life's deeper questions. Perhaps we can help you!
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